These Clever Solutions To Everyday Issues Will Blow Your Mind

There are many problems in everyday life: although some are bigger and not so easy to solve, there are many little things that can be worked around just by adding a little creativity to them. Either there are space storage issues, pet problems, trash management or even the smallest wardrobe malfunctions, these people have found ways to fix them with innovative thinking and make our lives a little bit easier and those problems even smaller than they were. Some of them we wish our cities and stores would imitate and others we can do ourselves. Get inspired and find your next solution here.


This beach store decided to promote cleaning by offering a free cup of coffee to anyone who collects a bucket of rubbish off the sand. What a great and clever incentive.


These traffic lights are not only clever and helpful but also add a ton of uniqueness to the streets of Ukraine: they are more notorious to people on the back and add tons of style.


This fountain is located in a park and it’s great not only for water using but also because it has two levels so both humans and their dogs can get hydrated while enjoying a day out.

The sign

If anyone has any doubts about whether their vehicle will fit or not under that bridge, a sign a few meters before can prevent a terrible accident from happening later.


Putting together a piece of furniture such as a desk can be quite complicated, but this manufacturer decided to make it a little less confusing by tagging each piece separately.


Any place that has different mountains is a great touristic spot but it can be quite difficult for people to identify which one of them they are looking at, so this device will come in handy.


This might seem like a silly idea but can actually save a lot of time: the button to call the elevators are a few meters away so you can start calling them and get on it by the time you get to the door.


Probably nobody ever reads the list of ingredients of a toothpaste tube for a simple reason: you won’t understand why they are even there. This brand decided to explain each purpose.


Accessibility is a major issue for people with strollers or wheelchairs and for a lot of places that we take for granted is impossible for them to move in. So this beach added a ramp for them.

Water reusing

Water is one of the most precious resources we have and we love any idea that can help preserve it, like this toilet that has a build-in sink so when you wash your hands, the water is reused for your next flush.


Has it ever happened to you that you need to take a medication pill at a certain time and can’t remember either you did it or not? This bottle pill lid will let you know when it was last opened.

In the dark

Even if you set up curtains on a window there is always a small space where light gets in and it can be quite annoying for you if you are trying to get some sleep. This device will solve it all.

Crossing time

If you have any mobility issue you have the chance to tap this button to extend the crossing time on the highway without having to rush over the pre-setted time.

Toe opener

Some people are really scared of germs and other would much rather not touch doorknobs to avoid filth, so this restaurant added a device that allows you to open the door with your toes.

Elevator buttons

Have you ever had to ride an elevator carrying a lot of things in your hands that don’t allow you to touch the buttons? This one has lower ones so you can press them with your toes.


The roofs over the UPS trucks might seem brown like the rest of the vehicles, but it is actually translucent so the daylight can get in and avoids having to use artificial lights.


This urban design is so clever because it adapts something that would have no other use than being a fence to also create a sitting space in case you need to rest a little.

Bike playground

This bike playground is located in Denmark and we wish that every place in the world had one of these: kids learn how to ride safely before going in the streets.


These carts come with a built-in calculator so you can avoid any budget surprises when you get to the cashier by adding each item price and knowing beforehand how much your shopping will cost.


Flat tires are one of the biggest and most annoying issues when you are riding a bike, so these are built airless so they can’t get flat and leave you hanging in the middle of the road.


This brilliant swing design is made so both adults and kids can swing together: ideal not only for them to share some time but also to make children feel much safer.

Parking help

Parking is one of the most difficult things that you have to do when you are driving so this parking lot decided to extend the lines to help you do it easier.


It’s amazing how something so tiny can change the way we have used an object all of our lives: this creates a stop between the spatula and the counter so it’s not messy.


This extraordinary USB device actually shows you how much storing device you are currently using without having to plug it in the computer to find out. I want one asap.


These chairs were custom made for a ski resort and come with built-in spaces so you can comfortably store your gloves, accessories, and bags. They would be great for bars too.

Don’t drink and drive

This Canadian bottle of whiskey comes with a free pass for public transportation so if you drink it, you can avoid driving. It seems like a really great incentive to avoid accidents.


Airlines are aware that a lot of people are afraid to fly and most of them can’t offer anything better than a glass of wine. This one has a therapy dog to help you relax before your flight.


When you go to the laundromat there is one thing that annoys us all: having to wait without being able to do anything productive with that time. This one has a gym so you can work out in the meantime.


These sheets came up with a simple and smart solution to help you set them right while you are making your bed. So this tags will let you know exactly how to place them properly.

Rain alert

Of course, something so specific and clever is only made in Japan: these elevators have an umbrella sign that goes on to let you know when it’s raining outside so you can be prepared.

Rape Drugs

These coasters come with a built-in test for drugs usually used for rape, so you can make sure your drink is exactly what you order and help you feel a little safer out there.


Rechargeable batteries are a great way not only to save money but also to help the environment without littering so much. These come with a USB port to recharge them.

Webcam Cover

Either you feel like you are paranoid or just realistic, most of us cover our webcams while we are not using them with a piece of tape or a sticker, but this one has a cover for it.

Complimentary cell

Traveling abroad always comes with a challenge: getting around. This hotel offers a complimentary phone with free data so you can use it during your stay. Amazing.


Australia has such long roads that drivers can easily get bored and in the worst case, fall asleep and get in an accident, so they added signs with trivia to keep them alert.

Keep it cool

This bar has a part that is frozen so you can put your drink on top of it and keeps it cool. What an extraordinary solution for an everyday issue.


Jumping off a bridge may seem like a tragical thing to do but some people reach that point of desperation and to give them a second chance, this bridge offers a hotline for assistance.

No candy

Either you are shopping with your kids or even if you are sticking to a diet and don’t want to feel tempted, this store offers a candy-free checkout line that will ease it up for you.


Coffee shops have a lot of used ground coffee beans that may have no purpose that going on the trash, but this one offers it packed for your home compost.

Online Purchases

Buying stuff online from regular people can be risky at the moment of the exchange, so this city added a specific spot that is located just in front of their Police Station.


This Swedish bench design is amazing because you can take one part up to place your books, coffee or even lunch at a table while still sharing the sitting space with someone else.


This might seem like a regular bench but the back part has a swinging part that allows you to set it up and sit facing the direction that you want without losing any stability.

No steam

This hotel in Japan has a mirror that has a part that is already heated so it does not get covered with steam after taking a hot shower. I want one of this at home.


This highlighter has a hollow part that allows you to highlight your texts without actually covering them up in paint, making it easier to read them afterward. Would you use it?


We really never know when it’s time to change and replace your tires until it’s too late, so this brand added a part that will let you know that is time for a replacement once it’s worn off.


Most elevators have a sign that let you know the capacity and maximum weight that they can stand, but this one actually shows you how much of it is happening.

Nap time

Having to kill some time at the airport can be quite inconvenient, so this one decided to add some sleeping cabins so you can get some rest before your flight in a comfortable way.

Trash cans

This trash cans in the streets have an angle and it’s not because they look cooler: it allows bikers to throw away their garbage while they are cycling. Great idea.

Help wanted

Depending on the color of the cart you choose at this store to do your shopping, the staff will know if they have to approach you to offer help or you would rather not be disturbed.

Tiny tents

Buying a tent to go camping is great until you realize that when they are unpacked they don’t show how they will end up looking, so this store offers tiny samples so you can decide.