Most Ridiculous Things People Have Bought While Drunk

When you have had a few to drink, are you a happy drunk or a sad drunk? Do you find yourself doing things you would not do when you are sober? This is because alcohol lowers your inhibitions. One of the consequences of drinking alcohol is an altered state of mind. One of the ways this altered state manifests is by making you think that some decisions are perfectly fine to make when you are drunk. For example, buying things on the internet. Let me show you 50 of the most ridiculous things people have bought while they were drunk.


Just look at this poor cat’s face. It’s clear that its owner’s drunken purchase is not quite what he would have wanted. Was it too much to ask that he’d drunkenly bought a cat house?


It seems that the person who bought this pinata was reminiscing about their childhood, and how much they enjoyed attending kids’ birthday parties. I can’t think of another reason why someone would drunkenly buy this.


In their own words: “I was very drunk on rum one night and took a 20-minute drunk nap and dreamed I was a pirate captain on the high seas, then woke up for a bit and went back to bed. Two days later, a flask appears at my doorstep”


Just by looking at this shower curtain, you can tell that it was a drunken purchase. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would buy this for their bathroom.


This person, when he was drunk, ordered from Domino’s and, in the special instructions section, asked the delivery guy to buy him McDonald’s. And can you believe that he did? That’s customer service.


Who doesn’t hate when their cat ruins the furniture? They love to scratch them and leave hairs everywhere. This drunken purchase fixes that problem. Now the cat has its own couch to ruin. And it even matches the other one!


I don’t know where to start. This person thought it was a great idea to buy a painting featuring a monkey. The monkey is dressed to the nines. And it’s drinking wine and champagne.


This drunken purchase is a bit more extreme than the previous ones. In this case, the person got drunk and thought that there was no better purchase to be made than that of a dog. Yes, a dog.


This person, when they were drunk, had the great idea to buy a top hat for their toad. But of course, as they were drunk, instead of buying one, they ended up buying 100 of them.


I know you are saying that socks are not a ridiculous purchase to make, even while drunk. But these socks were bought for this person’s dog. The dog does look happy about them, though.


This person had the great drunken idea to buy googly eyes for their car. Is it me or does the car look incredibly sad about this turn of events? It looks as though it’s suffering.


Again, a pillow? Not that crazy. But this is no ordinary pillow. This is a pillow of Nicholas Cage. Let me tell you, Nicholas Cage is apparently one of the most popular items too but while drunk. You’ll see.


This drunken purchase is kind of awesome. Still ridiculous, but awesome. Who wouldn’t want to turn their dog into an awesome Jurassic dog? In this case, we have a Jurassic-pug.


Here we have another set of eyes for the car. Unlike the last one, this one looks perfectly happy about its fate. And is it me, or does this car look like a character from the Pixar movie Cars?


This person thought it was a great drunken idea to add this hook to his Amazon wish list. Imagine his surprise when his mother got it for him as a gift.


Another trend when drunk buying is to purchase food items. In this case, this person had the greatest idea when drunk. They bought 8 pounds of cereal marshmallows. At least, they won’t have to worry about breakfast for a while.


If you thought that drunk buying a dog was kind of weird, then what would you think if I tell you that this person bought a pig when drunk? Yes, a pig.


This person’s drunken purchase was a beach towel. But not just any plain white beach towel. Oh, no. This beach towel is a dad bod beach towel. Featuring some of your favorite celebrities rocking their dad bods.


Here we have another example of drunkenly buying food. In this case, this person thought it would be a great idea to buy 11.5 pounds of cheese. If only he had bought wine too…


My eyes! I just can’t. I don’t think any level of drunkenness should allow someone to buy this. Please tell me this person blacked out and his friends bought this as a joke for him.


This drunken purchase is one of the funnier ones. It is kind of adorable, isn’t it? Of course, a sober person would never think this was the perfect thing to buy.


Did this welcome mat come this way or was it specially designed? I guess the house’s owner must be pretty tired of people dragging dirt all over their house. And the alcohol gave them the courage needed to tell everyone.


I actually don’t consider this one a ridiculous purchase. I would buy these sneakers when sober. What is there not to like? Labyrinth is an awesome movie and Bowie is an icon.


If you though both the dog and the pig were a bit too far, you will die with this one. Literally. I don’t care how drunk you are, it is never a good idea to purchase a poisonous arachnid to keep as a pet.


This drunk person bought tea. No, not pounds of tea. Not even a box of tea. They bought a single bag of tea. From Japan. Apparently, it was very good tea.


Here we have another popular item to buy while drunk. Funny t-shirts. In this case, this guy thought it was a great idea to buy a t-shirt featuring a sloth dressed in a military uniform. To each their own.


I can understand wanting to buy pizza when you are drunk. It is a good way to soak up some of the alcohol sloshing around in your system. But ordering 40 pizzas is a bit extreme.


I know no one sober would buy this plate. But if it were me who made this drunken purchase, I can’t really say I would regret it afterward. This is an awesome Freddie Mercury plate.


Yes, that is Danny DeVito. This person had the great drunken idea to buy a life-sized cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito. They must be big fans. Otherwise, it doesn’t really make sense.


If you are a sad drunk, you will start to complain about all the bad things about yourself and your life. But don’t worry. Sad drunk you will deal with it by buying entry to a triathlon. Well, of course!


When you are drunk, do you start conversations about Batman? Well, this person did. And of course, the only way to end a conversation about Batman is to buy a Batman bathrobe. Right?


No, this person didn’t go antiquing. They actually drunkenly purchased a genie lamp. Because if you buy a genie lamp, and you rub it three times, a genie will emerge and grant you three wishes.


Does anyone know if this poster is about something famous? Because if not, then it is just one of the most bizarre drunken purchases ever. Even if it is about something famous, I’m not sure I’d want it in my house.


I told you Nicholas Cage was kind of the king of drunken purchases. In this case, this guy had the genius idea to buy a t-shirt full of Nic’s faces.


I know that when you are drunk, your better judgment is compromised. But what could possibly lead someone to buy 100 tiny handcuffs? Do they plan to arrest criminal mice?


I know this person bought this Predator figurine when they were drunk, but I think it is awesome. Just look at the details. It must have taken a lot of time to make.


This drunken purchase, not so awesome. The worst part is they are from different purchases. These phones are Krusty The Clown, Coca-Cola Polar Bear, Garfield, French Fry, Swatch Style, and Bart Simpson.


RIP Lil’ Sebastian. It is clear that this person is a fan of the sitcom Parks and Recreations. However, I don’t think the sober aspect of this fan would have bought this poster, though.


I believe this drunken purchase should be on the podium for the most ridiculous things people have bought while drunk. What on earth could have possessed them to buy this? (no pun intended.)


My guess is that, when drunk, this girl turns into a Star Wars fan. Especially a Chewbacca fan. Why else would she have bought this poster of him surfing in Hawaii?


Here we have another person purchasing a member of the animal kingdom. In this case, this woman had the great idea of buying 5 caterpillars. Because, why buy a butterfly if you can get them before they are “born”?


Personally, I’m OK with this purchase. Every time you have to use an umbrella, you lose the use of one of your hands. This way, you are protected from the rain and can use both your hands. However, I’m not brave enough to go out with it on.


Here is another purchase from your drunk self to your sober self. When you are sober, you can filter those impulses to buy everything you ever wanted. But you know your drunk self will buy some of them. So everyone is happy.


Here, too, we have an example of buying candy when drunk. It seems that when you are drunk, your sweet tooth is intensified, and you think why not buy an entire box of Runts?


This mug is both amazing and creepy. It depends on when you look at it. I’d imagine that, depending on which of the two the owner thinks it is, they would either regret the purchase or not.


I kind of get the impulse to buy junk food when you are drunk. But what could have possibly driven this person to buy 20 pounds of wasabi peas? What on earth would you do with them?


No, luckily this man didn’t buy an actual horse when he was drunk. It is only a horse mask. I guess he has his Halloween outfit already settled. That is one advantage of this types of purchases, I guess.


See, I told you that drunk people like to buy things that feature Nicholas Cage. Here we have a phone case with “Mona Lisa Cage.” Honestly, every time I see the picture I crack a smile. How about you?


Like I said, I can understand the urge to buy junk food when you are drunk. But what could this person have possibly been thinking about to buy 16 packets of powdered milk? I know he can get together with the person that bought the cereal marshmallows.


How great is it to receive a Christmas present from your drunk self. In this case, drunk Brett bought sober Brett a box of Gummy Bears. I guess it’s true that no one will love you more than you love yourself.