Biggest Mistakes in Popular TV Shows

Mistakes can happen. You often see them in small productions but also in big huge movies or TV shows that are a worldwide hit. Once you see them, you can’t help to see them. You may become a perfection freak yourself, pointing tiny errors in everything you see. The following list shows you 20 examples of such mistakes that you won’t believe but they are actually in there. No one is safe from making mistakes. Not even your favorite TV Shows

The Simpson

Look into the family’s garage: Within seconds, the inventory changes during Homer’s escape from Marge’s car. The rake goes missing, the box appears. And the funny thing about this one is that happens in every episode! Look closer next time.


A crew member has been immortalized in the real-time series “24”. I’m sure he will think twice before approaching to the camera again. He is probably the new intern guy.

The X-Files

Agent Mulder certainly has extraordinary abilities. But to read an unpublished newspaper have to be the most shocking of all. Fact: Creator Chris Carter came up with the idea for The X-Files when he read a report saying 3.7 million people have claimed to have been abducted by aliens.

How I Met Your Mother

This show’s characters drink beer all the time. We can’t judge the production if they decided to incorporate the self-filling beer glass. Certainly it has great potential as a sales hit.

The Walking Dead

The new generations of zombies are not as fast as they look. They are so slow even a change of tires was possible before they reached the car. They should have used that time to, I don’t know… run?


We can’t call it a realistic show, mainly because it’s (Spoiler alert) a cartoon, but let’s be honest: That blower should be there. Where is the blower? I need to know where it is.


It’s not obvious, but still worth mentioning. This newspaper has moved by itself. The famous case of the self moving prop that happens all the time when they are not caring too much.


The green marking tape on the floor is actually there only as a guide for actors. Some producer forgot to take it out and when they saw the bloody tape it was too late.


They were not alone. Here we can see a member of the crew holding a reflector screen that it’s used to make light even and brighter. He even has a clock to make everything worse.

Breaking Bad

In this screenshot you can see a microphone transmitter under Walter’s shirt. See there? The cable goes all the way up. It’s hard to think that this detail wasn’t noticed.

Family Guy

Stewie is smart, but I don’t think he could clean his face so quickly. Again, “just” a cartoon. We can’t ask reality to this show, but we can ask for a little coherence.

The Big Bang Theory

Lettuce disappears from Sheldon’s burger in a second. Maybe he ate it. Yes, just the lettuce. This is Sheldon we are talking about, he is not very normal, isn’t he?

Gilmore Girls

Here the directors have realized quickly that a screwdriver in the toast was probably misplaced… and dangerous. This could be a part of the scene too. Luke was probably repairing the toaster and they forgot to place the screwdriver.

South Park

A change images from classical art towards an astronaut is seen in South Park. This may be on purpose though. South Park is not the most coherent and realistic show out there.


Rachel’s necklace appears and disappears throughout this scene. I bet Jennifer Aniston wasn’t so sure about wearing it and she couldn’t stop changing her mind. She ended up making it more notorious.


He is a professional at making blood disappear, but this is magical. The blood from one take is gone when the camera change. The funny thing is that in the second take he is watching the drop that we are talking about.

Orange is The New Black

Love is known to be inconstant, just like the position of this tattoo on the shoulder. Think that there’s a guy in charge of painting tattoos everyday. He must got tired that day.


Joey is an insatiable eater, we already know that. What we didn’t know is that he also enjoys eating food directly from his sweater. If that’s not the case then this must be a very absorbent sweater.

The Simpsons

I guess they left the same background and forgot that the character is repeated. Or perhaps Mr Burns has two twin lawyers. Whatever the case, it is still funny and curious.

The Walking Dead

This is a little bit dangerous: Military equipment should always be safe and stuck, not like this helmet that opens by itself. That chin strap wouldn’t pass the quality test.


Do you Remember this show? Buffy the Vampire Slayer sure had a lot of powers, but the one that makes her books change position is not a very useful one.


Clark Kent is another powerful guy (maybe the most powerful guy around) and he has an useless talent that makes his arms change position without releasing the truck. Just keep practicing, Clark.


Actresses sometimes have a good and a bad profile and they try to always show the good. I guess the director forgot about this and she switched places between takes.


You are never alone when filming, you know? That director should had think twice before resting on set. What was he even doing? Eating the witches food? Making a witch sandwich?


Maybe it’s our fault. We are trying to force cartoons to make sense. But I don’t know how they can’t notice that the car is suddenly facing the other side!


Another quick eater. Maybe he was hungry during shots and thought that no one would notice. Well, guess what? We noticed, Frasier, we noticed. Next time you wanna eat while filming you will think it twice.


Hey Will, I think there is a poltergeist in your apartment that won’t stop moving things around. Or maybe it’s just a no so attentive director that’s filming the episode.


I guess the actor that played Joey got tired of lying on that same shoulder at every take. But it is not an excuse. Do you know that there’s people in charge of this kind of things on set?


This crew member has a dream: To be a star. And he can help getting in every shot possible. He is even in the same spot where the bullet is supposed to go.


We also know that, apart from being an insatiable eater, Joey is also an insatiable drinker. When you are thirsty there’s no time to be a detailist, ok? Let him be.


Haven’t you seen Harry Potter? Photos can change. But this one in particular is an old time Simpson’s classic, it should always remain the same. Maybe there’s two photos that look the same.


If you are a millennial and you don’t remember this show I can tell you it’s about vampires. Spike was one of them and he had fast hands. And he wanted to grab that girl’s shoulder so hard!


It seems like Friends producers and directors weren’t that attentive. But one thing is a simple mistake and another thing is CHANGING THE NUMBER OF YOUR MAIN CHARACTER’S APARTMENT. Come on, guys!


At least it was the actress that found out about this. This can happen, you can pick it up quickly, it happens all the time. But she is TALKING the other way around.

FRIENDS (Yes, again)

I’m getting so tired of this Friend’s stuff that I will make a petition to demand them to film it all over again. This one is not that serious: The arm disappears between takes.


Some people may get tired of their jobs. That is the case of the guy in charge of coloring this episode of SpongeBob. Of course there is a guy in charge of coloring the episodes.


Sometimes you are on a budget. And sometimes you have to repeat a take over and over again. You can’t use a new paper all the time, you big spender!


And when a scene is repeated that many times, you can’t keep the tie and the jacket ALWAYS in the proper place. What should be do? Hire a person to check that? That’s insane!


I don’t remember much of this show but I think there was no magical book arrangement involved in it. Maybe she has the same magical power as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Hey! It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer again. I think this girl was actually a witch. So it’s perfectly understandable how the liquid level changes between takes, it’s real magic! Or maybe not.


Another crew member that wanted to be on screen. My only question is… What on earth was he doing? I bet he was a new intern that got the worst task.


This piece of paper moved by itself, but you know, there’s actually a thing called air. Maybe the air conditioner was on or the director was not paying much attention.


This happens all the time. Imagine that those actors have to smoke a cigarette in every take. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of the length of the cigarette.


And sometimes those takes are shot without following the right order. So, this can happen too. There should be a specialized crew member paying attention and filling the glass all the time.


Are we sure that’s a crew member? It actually looks like a ghost. May be they did this on purpose, maybe it was part of the plot. Well, no, it’s not. It’s definitely a crew member.


This is a serious one. I mean, how many people is involved in an episode like this? Fifty? And no one noticed that there was no coins and cards over the table, like there was before?


Hey! Look who’s back. I think this list should be called “50 worst Friends mistakes of all time”. I’m sure they repeated this take so many times they forgot to seal the envelope again.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer is actually going head to head with Friends, they should both win the Emmy for most mistakes in one TV Show. This backpack seems to be magical.


When series are so popular as this one, people get a little bit demanding. But with the cost of one episode it’s almost a sin to have left a BATTERY CHARGER on the shot.


There should be a spelling checker for credits. It’s the name of your bloody main character, dude. Not only that: He is one of the most famous characters of recent times!