Amazing Test Answers

When it comes to having tests at school, kids are capable of anything in order to study a little and then get the higher grade. For that reason, when the time of the exam comes and they face the questions provided by teachers, many times they get surprised and have no idea what to do. But as if we were talking about survival, kids are capable of coming with the best solutions to the answers they might not be too aware of. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about math, history, chemistry or whatever is the subject they must study. Kids can always surprise their teachers by answering in the best way possible. Shouldn’t teachers consider wit when they are grading an exam?

That could be the right answer

What’s wrong with this answer? The question is really vague and doesn’t refer to any particular situation so Alice could really be blind and can’t see under the microscope at all.


What else is the third picture showing? The guy from the doodle is even posing for the arrow to point the correct place: his penis. The other three answers are right so why couldn’t this be right too?

I can’t defend this kid

This could be the right answer but not in this case when it’s totally clear that the kid is being tested in math. I’m sorry kiddo I can’t stand with you on this one.

The walking dead

This is the great example of a kid that has seen too much The walking dead and now believes that after death it comes the time for the zombies to rule the world.


This could be an exam of the child of Haddaway. A great look at one of the greatest one-hit wonders provided by the 1990’s decade and this great dance song.

He watches too much TV

Who can blame a kid that watches too much TV and isn’t very connected with his or her parents? I would start by changing the kind of TV shows the kid is watching.

Who said the teacher didn’t read?

This is the case of a kid who didn’t study and tried to be cleverer than the teacher. This would probably look back at the end of the trimester when the teacher communicates the grades.

Draw a common day of your father…

The kid really captured the spirit of his father who seems to be really happy about the things he likes to do. I’m not sure if the teacher could keep a secret like this.

Or maybe it’s the secret answer

This kid plays a lot of video games and knows that many times the correct answer is not the one in front of our faces. These are the cases where we have to pay attention carefully to know the secret answer.

Hippie kid

The kid didn’t understand the rules of the real world, so why had this teacher needed to ruin the innocence of this kid? Isn’t love the answer to all the questions?


Is this the wrong way of solving the activity? I’m with the kid. The task didn’t clarify how the kid should name those quadrilaterals so I’m thinking the kid needs an A.


The kid understood the process pretty well. How come he could resolve the difference between those numbers without using the magic process of math? The teacher should give him extra points.

I couldn’t care less

Who said that mice are a nice pet to have in your house? Who can even buy one when all you need to do in order to get one is be a little dirtier than you already are?

This kid wants to draw for life

This kid is conscious of global warming and can draw very well so why can the teacher blame this kid that is not interested in math at all. Give the kid an A, please!

These are true!

Really. If you are asking for a kid’s opinion, like these two tasks from school, you shouldn’t be capable of grading them. If the kid thinks the school is hell, why can you blame him?


I’m not sure what actually ended that year and what was this test trying to ask the kid for, but the answer seems pretty ok to me. How could a teacher write such a vague question?

They had nobody

The first cells were so lonely and bored that they decided to evolve into all the living things we can see nowadays. However, I think the question was pointed in other direction.

Teach this to Donald Trump

I can’t think of another best answer to this question. The kid could be young but he already has a lot decided for his future and the things that will matter to him.

How stupid was that question?

How stupid can a teacher’s question be? First, how do you know what? Second, let’s pretend it was referring to question 6, how could you answer that question better, teacher?

Who wants to be a millionaire?

The kid might have seen the great movie Slumdog Millionaire and was trying to cover his tracks for a future possibility of competing in a similar trivia game. Well done, kiddo!

Screw the metric system

How else could you measure a football but counting how many footballs long the football is? This could sound tricky but the kid saw it really clear. Well done, kiddo!

Sugar, ah honey honey

What else could Bob have if he decided to eat that amount of candy? The answer proves that the kid has a really good healthy conscience and would take care of him in the future.

Rapper kid

I could read this or just sing it in the voice of Snoop Dogg or Nicki Minaj. Does that definition of PEMDAS really exist or the kid just chose random words that fit in there?

At least he passed creativity

The best teacher you can ever have is the one that encourages your creativity. Like the one in this picture that failed the test of the kid but at least pointed its creativity.

When you’re learning to draw

The kid wasn’t going to succeed as a cartoonist so don’t blame him. Blame the teacher who created this difficult task in order to teach math. Why don’t you use regular numbers, teacher?

Bitch better have my money

Frankie has not economic issues, he just asks his father to lend him some money and lives his life as he wants. Like all the kids should do, not working but playing.


The kid was sure he was going to pass the test, he had some extra points and decided to test his teacher with this ironically best answer you can provide for a question like that.

Play with your friends, you nerd

The kid has a pretty clear concept of the things he wanted for his life. One of the things he didn’t want was to end up in a lonely piano like Tony.

10 extra points

Yeah, the question was clear and so were the options. But the kid wasn’t ok with the concept this task was trying to teach so he decided to extend his answer.

Poor plant

The bail was pretty expensive and no one cared enough about this plant that died lonely in its cell room without seeing its family and friends ever again in its life.

Correct! Part II

These answers could sound too scatological but the kid who made this test nailed each and every one of the tasks the teacher asked him. What part would you say is wrong with the test?

Justin Bieber

The kid had the best idea of a famous person that he could point to this task. Also, he read and watch a lot from TMZ and that was the reason he came with those answers.

Stupidest question ever

Maybe the teacher was trying to test the attention of all the kids in the classroom. This one, in particular, proved to be one of the best students the teacher ever had.

Rock fan

What’s wrong with those answers? Wasn’t this supposed to be a music class? Great way of educating a child with good taste in heavy metal music. The kid even knew all the symbols.

Thinking is the answer

How else could you solve a math task if you don’t think properly all the possible answers and mechanisms to solve the problems? The kid had a point and proved it to the teacher.

Good creativity, bad math

The kid was clever enough to count a family of animals but not smart enough to count them properly. It took the kid two attempts to have the right amount of animals.

So close!

This happens when you over-explain the things in order to prove that you are aware of all. The kid was really close to passing the test, but the bully comment cost the kid the exam.


Not only one, two or three, but four students answered correctly that last question. They were capable of being sincere with the teacher and that should be enough to pass.

Someone was hungry

This happens when you don’t eat very often. Your mind starts playing tricks on you. I’m pretty sure you are seeing the sushi roll right now so go eat a snack.

He’s seeing elephants

Test this kid for drugs. He’s seeing elephants on his math’s exercises. That is the proof that something isn’t alright with him and you should warn the doctors and the parents.

Caring teacher

The kid just covered himself for a probable bad exam and decided to earn some extra points by drawing animals. Lucky for him, the teacher did care about that and add him a point.

At least he got a 6

And this is the answer for those who think drugs are ok. Look the stupid answer this guy decided to write and the consequences it could bring to him. But he got a 6 instead of a 0.

Pretty close

These things happen when you put those symbols in an exam for a Lion King’s fan. It’s impossible to pay attention after that and you would probably end singing the song all day long.


When you don’t know the correct answer and you can’t ever figure out what the teacher is asking to you, just draw a nice Spartan and write how confused you are.

Don’t change history

The kid was really caring about the presidents of America and had the opportunity to change the course of history. He would love to be friends with Lincoln and prevent his death.

Great meme doodle

The kid had three right answers so he could fool with the fourth question. Even though it isn’t the right answer, I would give him some extra points for that amazing meme doodle.

Clear goals

First the girlfriend then the world. The goals are pretty clear for the kid who answered these three questions. He would care enough to kiss the girl first and then become a ruler.


The best answer for one of the most nostalgic time of our lives. I’d love to see the answer of the teacher who had to read this exam. Did the teacher pass this exam?

Who ya gonna call?

Is this teacher trying to scare the entire classroom? Lucky the one kid that was aware enough that ghosts aren’t real so that math problem wasn’t really difficult. Well done!