These Ideas Will Make Your Home The Greatest Place

We all love to upgrade our homes, and we gathered a few ideas to make it possible. Some of these ideas can be done with a few elements and don’t need much work and skills. Others can be bought with a few bucks, and the rest can be purchased only if you are BeyoncĂ©. But … Continued

These Inventions Prove That We Are Already Living In The Future

The future is already here, and you know it. Every day, new inventions see the light, and our lives change forever. In the beginning, we may be a little reluctant, but we then fall in love with them. It happened with vacuum robots, remember? Now we see them everywhere. We gathered fifty inventions that will … Continued

50 Photos That Show How Ordinary Objects Look Cut In Half

We all love knowing how things around us work. And since we live in a beautiful World with a lot of incredible things, we have a lot of things to understand how they are in the inside. Some people took this curiosity a little bit farther and decided to cut things in half to let … Continued

Designs That Failed So Bad They Are Actually Great.

Sometimes it takes dozens of people to do a product. From the one who designs it to the one that makes it, the one who approves it and the one that pays for it, there a big chain of people that all they need to do is pay attention. That doesn’t always happen. For some … Continued

50 Photos That Will Show You The Unknown Side Of Ordinary Things

  A Bloodless Heart This is what a human heart looks like without blood. Actually, This is called a Ghost Heart, and it’s injected with stem cells so the body that will be its new home won’t reject it. The Giant Bodies Of Easter Island The famous statues called Moai or Giant Heads … Continued

Selfie Fails

You love taking selfies and we don’t judge. I mean, who doesn’t? There’s a few lessons you need to know to be a master of self photos. The first and most important one is: Always Always ALWAYS take a comprehensive look at you photos before uploading them. Check that your hair, makeup and outfit are … Continued

Powerful Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World.

Some pictures are so strongly expressive that their story stays alive for years and does not fade. I hit upon this phenomenon recently while I was looking through some historic photographs from the last decades. I couldn’t help collecting a few of them for you, so please take a look yourself: Kyle Hockenberry: The Man … Continued

Worst Oscar Dresses Ever

The Academy Award Ceremony is one of the most important in Hollywood. Every star, especially the most famous actresses, prepare themselves for weeks with their fashion teams for this incredible night. Usually, the dresses, the hair and the makeup are magnificent and the results of such hard work are on display. But there were MANY … Continued

Inventions From The Past 50 Years

I am a huge fan of science and breakthroughs. They are my go-to thing to read about whenever I’m bored. It is amazing to find out how new techniques and devices were invented since many of them were developed by mistake or during an accident. One thing is for sure: all of them made your … Continued